Tuition & Fees


Prices effective: August 22nd, 2014 Fee
Timely application fee/late fee for late applications after August 15 for fall semester and December 15 for spring semester. $35.00/$45.00
General service fee per semester. (½ for 3 hours or less). $170.00
Tuition per credit hour (undergraduate courses) $85.00
Tuition per credit hour (graduate courses) $120.00
Courses accepted for inclusion on transcript $11.00/cr. hr.
Evaluation of previous academic work for placement in program $7.00 /cr. hr.
Graduation fee $125.00
On site residence fee for room usage.Includes laundry and cooking privileges. $600.00/14 weeks
Incomplete credits carried over after work is due. Begins two weeks after last day of class. $8.00/cr. hr./wk
Audited courses plus textbook and handout fees. $45.00/cr. hr.

Fees must all be paid by the end of the semester to receive your transcript. Your account must be paid to begin a new semester.You may divide your tuition payment into two equal payments with the first ½ due on the first day of classes and the last payment at week 9.