London Study Tour 2017

Chambers College 2017 London Study Program

This price good until November 10 This price is locked in as soon as you book. Not guaranteed after Nov. 10m

Tour Group Details

We are planning the sixth London Study Program tour . The tour is hosted and conducted by Steve and Teri Ong and lasts 14 days and 12 nights. Applications for the London Study of Chambers College can be requested from our offices. The tour is open to parents as well as high school and college students.

St Martins

Saint Martians in the Field


Metropolitan Tabernacle

Trip Sights and Sounds


Hampton Court

  • Sundays students attend Spurgeon’s Metropolitan Tabernacle
  • Concerts at Royal Festival Hall and/or Saint Martins-in the Field
  • Tower of London, Hampton Court, Cambridge day trip
  • Wesley’s Chapel, Bunhill Cemetery
  • National Gallery Art Museum, British Museum
  • Thames river cruise; open top bus tour of London
  • Agatha Christie’s play The Mousetrap
  • Evangelical Library, home of Puritan books.

Academic Component

The tour is primarily for college students but has been enjoyed by others who do not participate in the academic portions. On excursions, We feature guest English instructors. Students will receive 8 hours college credit. The course will include an integrated study of art, music, and theology and British History.

Chambers College credit is obtained by taking two three-hour courses. The other two hours credit are gained on the trip by keeping a diary and/or writing a paper.

Lodging and Meals

We stay at the Highbury Centre, a relaxing Christian hotel, 7 blocks from the underground tube stop. We walk 7-8 miles per day. The


Highbury Center

base price is per person for a 4 or 5 person family room non-en-suite. The hot breakfast buffet is available every morning. Some meals are purchased at a grocery store and eaten in a park or at Highbury Centre.


Room upgrades are at the following rates per person: $320 Single Standard p/p $430

Single En-Suite p/p $220 Twin Standard p/p $340 Double/Twin En-Suite p/p

Price and Payment Deadlines ($3,100 if registered by January 1)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

You may travel to London without attending the courses (unfortunately there is no reduction in price for not taking the courses.) The total price will be. This price includes round trip airfare from Denver, all travel in London, standard family room, all meals, event and concert tickets, trip to Cambridge. You will only need to pay for your own souvenirs. Deposit $1,600 January ($3,200 after January 1) non-refundable. All travelers need to have a valid passport by the time we book flights. Payment Schedule: $1,600 deposit at acceptance $1,500 final payment due March 1.

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