Capitol Intern

Capitol Intern Program

Requests for Interns 
Chambers College has provided interns at the state capitol for over 10 years. Interns serve one to two days per week for the legislative term that runs from early January to early May.

What Do Interns Do?
Generally interns answer the phone and write letters responding to constituent concerns and questions. The primary responsibility is to help your legislator to be successful.
You will be able to sit in on committee hearings and go to lunches occasionally. We place interns under conservative and usually Christian legislators. The main expenses are transportation and parking.

The Chambers College Intern Program
You may become an intern if you are enrolled in Chambers College. Mature high school students who are co-enrolled in the college may also apply.
The requirements are not only academic but also spiritual. Being a Capitol Intern is a top-tier program, therefore, the requirements are high because more is expected. Students must meet the rigorous spiritual requirements for admission into Chambers College and hold to these standards. The cost for this program is $80.00 per credit hour. You may earn two to four credit hours, depending upon the time you spend at the capitol and projects you engage in. Scholarships are sometimes available for those who are qualified but have a financial need.

Application Deadline November 29
The quicker you make application the better your chances are for being included. All applications should be in by November 29. We do receive requests for paid positions (called aides), but these go quickly and generally are offered to college age only.
If you have questions call the Chambers College office: (970)-346-1133