Students in Chambers College who are working towards a Bachelor of Arts degree may choose from these majors. Majors are only applicable to the B.A. of Christian Ministry degree.

Business and Public Policy from a Christian World View
Biblical foundations of business and precepts for Christian statesmanship. The student will be able navigate in these arenas with a Christian world view.

Christian Education
A program to prepare students to successfully teach in and/or manage specialized education programs of the church such as children’s, youth, seniors’ ministries, outreach programs, day schools, etc.

Christian Philology
A philosophical, literary, and theological study focusing on a deep understanding of God’s Word and its application to issues of the day.

Understanding and practicing various forms of communication used historically and in the present culture.

Management of Religious Institutions
Preparation for serving Christ effectively in religious institutions such as churches, parochial schools, mission agencies, and parachurch organizations.

Pastoral Ministry
Preparation for pastoral duties in churches here and abroad.

Sacred Music
Biblical foundations and practical training to participate professionally in the music ministries of the church including accompanying, directing, writing and arranging, and creating church music programs.

Women’s Ministries
This program will prepare the student to serve Christ effectively by meeting needs through Biblical hospitality and Christian education.